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A pelmet be it a wall pelmet or a window pelmet, also known as a cornice board is a framework positioned above the doors and windows. Pelmet is the same as a Valance and can be made with different materials such as plywood, and fabric. There are painted pelmets as well.

Pelmets come in varied designs shapes and sizes but handmade pelmets prove to be the best choice. Only you know the type of pelmets you require as the shape, size and material of the pelmet largely depends upon the wall colour and other furnishings of the room. Handmade pelmets give you more than enough choice and cater to your personal needs in the best way.





A curtain pelmet is a framework to cover the curtain heading and curtain rods. It is indeed the ideal way to conceal the curtain fittings, provide insulation and render finesse to the room. As you must have seen that curtains without pelmets can give a very crude look for the curtain poles, tracks, rings and the headings are all exposed but with a curtain pelmet, they get a beautiful covering. A valance is also a good way of hiding the headings but curtain pelmets render a clean finish to the curtains without looking gaudy. Another function of curtains with pelmets is to provide proper insulation to the place.

Curtain Pelmets cover the top of the windows, shielding you from the blazing sun or cold wave. In addition pelmets for curtains enhance the look of the room by leaps and bounds giving a clean and elegant ambience to the whole place.





Handmade curtain pelmets provide pelmets made both with wood and fabric but curtain pelmets made of fabric prove to be a great choice. Fabric curtain pelmets are horizontal bands of stiffened fabric fitted above the window. Fabric pelmets are useful in many ways. Firstly it conceals the curtain fittings giving an elegant look to the window. Secondly, it makes the window appear taller and wider thereby rendering a spacious feel to the whole place. Some houses have very high ceiling.

Fabric Pelmets owing to their design and colors can reduce the appearance of the height. It gives you an infinite variety of fabric designs and styles to choose from. And the bonus is that you may get to play the role of an interior designer by using your creativity and imagination skills in deciphering the colors, patterns and style of fabric pelmet that would suit your needs.





Fabric curtain pelmets are of various kinds but you should keep a few things in mind when ordering these types of handmade fabric curtain pelmets. The style and design of the fabric pelmets largely depends upon shape and size of the window, the type of room and the type of curtain fabric you choose. The fabric pelmets can be plain, rectangular and even they can be molded in a variety of artistic shapes. Here are some of the curtain pelmet designs you can choose from


Traditional – Traditional fabric pelmets are a combination of stiffening, fabric and lining. For stiffening, the curtain makers use a stiffener called Buckram. Pelform is another modern stiffener but it is a bit expensive than buckram. The fabric is stiffened and pasted on the pelmet board adding frills or pleats. If you want to add piping beading or any decorative element, you can ask London Curtain Makers for assistance.


Victorian – Victorian pelmet design might sound old but is still very popular in many homes. These fabric pelmets were used in ecclesiastical buildings like the Cathedral. These fabric pelmets with frills and pleats were made as a decorative support for rich and finely crafted fabric like silk etc. They also aptly concealed the furnishing defects of the walls or other furniture. Now they have graduated their way to modern homes in the garb of a simpler, rich looking and very effective fabric pelmet for the British homes.


Contemporary – The fabric of contemporary pelmet is light colored and soft with either small prints or plain. The contemporary style is used for tall window curtains and one can embellish it with swags and frills to add a touch of royalty. The swags are generally sewn on the fabric pelmets so as to enable an easy wash. The only thing you should be careful about is the size of the room for the swags tend to fill up the room making it look small.


Classic – Classic fabric curtains take inspiration from the traditional style. Swags and frills have given way to straight or box fabric pelmet. These types of fabric pelmets look aesthetic and elegant. They are carry blackout curtains with absolute grace and are best suited for bedrooms that need thermal protection.


There are many more attractive designs and styles for fabric pelmets. Some people try to coordinate their bed cushions and bed covers with the fabric of pelmets. They use the same fabric for their curtain pelmets. A great fabric pelmet idea can be choosing a color for curtain pelmet that complements the wall color. Whatever fabric pelmet design or style you may choose but the most important aspect is the complete coordination of the fabric pelmets with the curtains for if you falter in this area, you can spoil the look of the entire room. So open your creative eye and choose a fabric curtain pelmet that magnifies the appeal of your room.


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